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Most of us would be shocked to uncover out how numerous uncomplicated “tells” numerous opposing offenses will give you in the course of the course of a youth football game. I am generally amazed at how frequently I see these sorts of tells even from the very best teams and even from teams playing and winning national tournaments. When teams use these techniques, they count on you not getting a quite superior youth football coach. They need to be correct about numerous of us, mainly because I see the similar teams applying the similar techniques for years on finish.

Flipping Offensive Linemen

A single of the most widespread tactic is for offenses to place their two very best offensive linemen at the point of attack. They will rotate these players to the side of the ball they are operating to. We play a Wishbone group that does this in just about every game, just about every year we have played them.

Considering the fact that we all know constant offensive linemen are tough to come by, this appears like a affordable tactic IF the defense does not catch on. Very frequently a group will attempt and mask this tactic by subbing in a lot of players on the offensive line. Youth football teams that do this count on you following the offensive backfield action on just about every football play and you only paying interest to the “talent” positions, not the line. Regrettably, numerous coaches do concentrate their concentrate and efforts there, rather than exactly where the games are actually won and lost, the line of scrimmage.

There are two uncomplicated methods to see if a group is applying this tactic against your defense, Very first, see how the group breaks their huddle, if you see a lot of crisscrossing by the linemen as they break the huddle and jog towards the line of scrimmage, most most likely they are flipping their offensive linemen. A further way is to merely create down the jersey numbers of the linemen as they come to the line of scrimmage. So you would have one thing like this written down:


You then note exactly where the ball went with a mark, lets say amongst #62 and #71

On the subsequent play you note the following lineup:


#62 and #71 have switched from the correct side to the left side.

You then note the ball went amongst #62 and #71. Certainly this group desires to run amongst #62 and #71 and are flipping them to the point of attack on almost just about every play.

Double Wing Teams

Numerous Double Wing teams flip their offensive linemen. Considering the fact that the Double Wing group pulls two players to the point of attack on just about just about every play, they frequently will flip their offensive linemen. We all know how tough it is to get little ones that regularly pull properly, feel of possessing to have four little ones that can regularly pull properly, That is what you want with the Double Wing if you are not going to flip your linemen. I like this offense, it is series primarily based and is excellent if you have a choose group or exactly where you are chocked complete of constant linemen that can move. That is why so numerous of these teams flip their linemen, they cant uncover four actual superior pullers, but they can uncover two superior ones. Now considering the fact that they will pull these two players on their base toss off-tackle plays, traps and counters, the point of attack will in most situations be opposite of exactly where they lined these two offensive linemen up. On uncommon occasions the Double Wing group will have two pullers they will use on off tackle toss plays and a distinct two for their counters. Working with the huddle spy approach or the count approach talked about above and you can figure that a single out soon after just a handful of offensive football plays.

Subsequent season use this tactic when you are on defense to see if the other teams offensive alignment will lead you to the play. You may well be shocked to see how frequently they do. When it does take place, you need to be capable to shut them down cold and the explanation will be in substantial component mainly because you outcoached the coach on the opposing sidelines. As a defensive coordinator it really is generally excellent to know ahead of time which football plays the offense is going to run and when you see teams carrying out this it is just like “telegraphing” a punch, your counterpunch need to outcome in a knockout.

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