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The Pros And Cons Of Radiofrequency Remedy For Chronic Back Discomfort

Radiofrequency neurotomy, also referred to as radiofrequency ablation or lesioning, is a process that intentionally injures nerves to stop discomfort signals from becoming sent to and processed by the brain. It is a minimally invasive surgical process reserved for these with chronic discomfort who have not discovered relief from additional conservative remedy strategies.

Radiofrequency remedies can be utilised on sufferers with discomfort from a degenerative disc, facet joint or sacroiliac (SI) joint. Guided by fluoroscopy, an electrode is inserted into the physique and placed on the targeted nerve. As soon as positioned effectively, the electrode is heated to generate a lesion on the nerve. A additional current, sophisticated type of the process involves a cooling phase this increases the location of the electrode's effect and may perhaps be valuable in particular places of the physique.

This remedy is not a permanent resolution more than time, nerves heal and discomfort returns. It is critical to try to remember that radiofrequency is a remedy that addresses the symptom of discomfort, not the initial result in thereof. Assessment the following pros and cons ahead of deciding irrespective of whether to get this process.


For men and women who can't execute day-to-day activities or perform due to discomfort, a process like radiofrequency neurotomy can be tremendously constructive. If powerful, the process may perhaps permit men and women to return to perform and execute simple every day activities like walking devoid of excessive discomfort.

Outcomes from radiofrequency remedy can final up to a year or two, which may perhaps make it additional attractive than steroid injections, one more prevalent remedy for back and SI joint discomfort.

Neurotomy is a significantly less invasive process than other surgical strategies of eliminating joint and disc discomfort, especially fusion surgery. Fusion creates a rigid segment amongst vertebrae or the pelvic bone and sacrum to inhibit painful motion from instability. The process comes with a higher cost tag and a host of dangers, like accelerated degeneration of facet joints and spinal discs close to the fused joint. Radiofrequency lesioning may perhaps present sufficient discomfort relief to stay clear of additional invasive surgery.

Investigation indicates that this process is useful to some degree for about 70% of these who get it and that it may perhaps reduce reliance on costly and harmful discomfort medicines.


Radiofrequency lesioning tends to make discomfort worse ahead of creating it superior. The initial week following the process can be challenging due to neighborhood soreness and swelling. Some sufferers who have received the remedy report that it can take a month or two to really feel any constructive effects.

Some sufferers getting the remedy under no circumstances encounter relief. Some may perhaps even encounter additional discomfort if the process was carried out incorrectly and the targeted nerve was incompletely broken this would result in it to improve its discomfort signal output.

It have to be remembered that this remedy is not a remedy it just masks the discomfort. Irrespective of whether your discomfort is triggered by a degenerated disc, facet joint or SI joint, it is critical to continue efforts to resolve the underlying problem. Investigation option medicine to locate remedy choices you may perhaps not be conscious of. Take benefit of your discomfort-totally free or lowered discomfort time post-radiofrequency remedy to adhere to by means of on exercising therapy, strengthening your core muscle tissues that assistance joints and spinal discs.

Radiofrequency neurotomy may perhaps be a appropriate remedy for you if discomfort is interfering with your high quality of life. The concentrate of any chronic discomfort remedy program, nevertheless, must be to address the result in of discomfort and not just mask the symptom.

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